Boy Scout Troop 271

Germantown, Wisconsin - Northern Lights District - Potawatomi Council

Getting Plugged In!

Getting Plugged In!
Jennifer Matheny - Tue Dec 07, 2010 @ 03:55PM
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Hi everyone! Sounds like tonight's PLC was productive! We have some great outings and projects coming up. We are looking forward to them. Keep those fundraising ideas a comin!

Here is what we learned tonight. The following Patrols are active and have the following members:

Pyromaniacs: Tony, Charlie, Alex

Bowie Knife Patrol: Ian, Jake, Connor

Mega-Flyswatter Patrol: Chris, Dylan, George, Kurt

The following positions are currently being held:

Mr. Degner, Commitee Chair

Mr. Ishihara, Scoutmaster

Mr. Dyer, Assistant Scoutmaster

Mrs. Matheny: Webmaster, Publicity Chair

Mrs. Damico: Assistant Scoutmaster

Tim Damico: Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

Mr. Damico: Fundraising Chair

Mr. Matheny: Assistant Fundraising Chair, Communications Merit Badge Counselor

Mrs. Simmons: Treasurer

Mr. Dunn: Awards Chairman, Publicity

Mrs. Bruenig: Troop Committee

Mr. Colthurst: Troop Committee

Mr. Stapleman: Troop Committee

SPL: Ian

ASPL: Charlie, Alex

Quartermaster: Connor, Dylan, Chris

Librarian: George

Historian: Tony

Scribe: Jake

If there is anything incorrect, please let me know...good to see us all plugged in. Cant wait for the new boys to joining us in the next few weeks!

Comments: 5


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